Board of Public Works

It is the duty of the Board to operate any utility owned by the City (electric, water, wastewater, sanitation). The Board is also responsible for City Pool operations. All actions of the Board shall be subject to the review and supervision of the City Council. The Board shall be responsible for making such reports and performing such other duties as the Council may designate from time to time.
The mayor,  with the approval of the City Council,  appoints the Board of Public Works which shall consist of five members who are residents of the City. No member of the City Council can serve as a member of the Board of Public Works while serving as a council member. The Members of the Board of Public Works are: 

Don Ewing (Chairperson)   4 Year Term- 2024-2028                        
Todd Karpen                       4 Year Term- 2024-2028                             
Sandra Hendren             4 Year Term- 2020-2024
Ben Silverman  4 Year Term- 2024-2028
 Gary Williams                    4 Year Term- 2024-2028

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