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The City of Mitchell owns and operates its own municipal electric, water and wastewater systems. The Board of Public Works operates the utilities systems. Their mission statement is to provide safe quality services at a fair price, while maintaining a customer friendly organization.

        The electric system maintains 2 substations with a combined capacity of 8500 kW. The current peak is 3520 kW. The City purchases wholesale power from Western Area Power Administration and the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska. The city operates its distribution system at 4,160 volts.

        The water system has 3 wells for normal usage and one emergency well. The average daily usage is 556,000 gallons. The peak daily consumption is 1,666,000 gallons. There is an elevated 200,000 gallon storage tank. The average city water pressure is 50 pounds per square inch.

        The wastewater system is a natural lagoon system. The system has 4 cells and meets our current requirements. Aeration has been added to cell one, with plans to install it on cell two in the near future.



Electrical Department

E-mail address

Electric Rates adopted March 10, 2015


Summer Months June to September                    Winter Months October to May


Residential Rate

                Summer                                                                                                        Winter

$        .1147 1-600 Kwh                                                                             $        .1147 1-600 Kwh 

$        .1147 over 600 Kwh                                                                        $        .0778  over 600 Kwh

$         18.50  Customer Charge                                                               $        18.50  Customer Charge



                                                                                Commercial Rate

                Summer                                                                                                        Winter

$        .1191 1-1600  Kwh                                                                        $        .1191 1-1600 Kwh

$        .1168 over 1600  Kwh                                                                   $        .0980 over 1600 Kwh

$        26.50 Customer Charge                                                               $        26.50 Customer Charge



Irrigation Pump Rate


                                                $   .0972  per Kwh

                                                $   40.90  per hp annual fee

                                                $   50.00  Customer Charge


Industrial Rate

                                                                Summer                                                                                                        Winter

                                                $       19.61  per Kw                                                                                  $        17.60  per Kw

                                                $       .0621  per Kwh                                                                                $        .0664  per Kwh        

                                                $     150.00 Customer Charge                                                                $      150.00 Customer Charge



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Fire Department

Fire Chief:  Jon Wurdeman

Fire Calls or Rescue Unit:  9-1-1

Non-Emergency:  436-6666


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Police Department


Police Chief:        Michael Cotant

        Assistant Chief:    Jon Warren

        Patrolwoman:       Mandy Murphy  



Fire calls or rescue unit phone: 9-1-1


Non-emergency phone: 436-6666


        Four full time police officers providing 24 hour protection.

        E-mail address for department

        Please don't use email for emergency messages.




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Water & Sewer Department

Water and Wastewater Rates adopted January 6, 2015


Water Rate

$     17.70 Customer Charge

$       1.37  per 1,000 gallons used



Wastewater Rate



                                                $     20.00 per month



$    21.85 per month

$        .48 per 1,000 gal of water used 





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Street Department

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